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Base your decisions on knowledge

Online user behaviour is in constant change. New ways to work and consume are coming up all the time, as well as ways to compare products and services. The users demand the best possible service online and get easily disappointed when their expectations aren’t met. Studies show that bad online experience also reduces customers’ willingness to do business with you on other channels.

As consumer behaviour changes, web services need to follow and adapt at a rapid pace. The information and understanding from web analytics help you to meet the challenge. Systematic and continuous analysis of online traffic allows you to base your decisions on knowledge when developing your service. This gives you a better chance to reach your business goals and provides higher ROI and longer age for your web service.

One of the most critical parts of the analysis is to identify the most relevant goals for your business and to define the right metrics for them.

The most common high-level goals for web services are:

  • eCommerce: sales of products or services
  • Lead generation websites: collect user data to sales teams to contact potential clients
  • Content websites: encourage commitment and frequent visits
  • Informative websites or support services: help users find the information they are looking for
  • Brand websites: raise awareness, grow commitment and loyalty
  • Campaign websites: build interaction with users and drive conversion
  • A common goal for all these services online is to be visible to their target groups, drive traffic to the websites and steer users to the desired objective.

Wunder helps you to boost your online conversion

Wunder provides content and online visibility analysis with a clear plan for action. We start by defining the metrics and goals to support your business objectives and implement the necessary tools to collect the data. Usually, we collect the data for a minimum of two weeks, depending on the structure and traffic on your website. We validate the data and enrich it with any other relevant data you can provide. Finally, we do an analysis and produce a report.

The final report can typically be provided in four weeks, including a comprehensive analysis for content and online visibility, a clear summary and practical points for action. Our WunderAnalytics experts can also offer training to develop your in-house analytics capabilities.