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Wunder Wellbeing Webinar recordings for all IT professionals

Wunder Wellbeing Webinars is a webinar series - specially tailored for professionals working in the IT field and highlighting the importance of one's mental health. The webinars took place from February to June, along with Wunder's internal healthcare campaign. But don't worry if you missed the live sessions, the recordings of the webinars are available and are free for everyone!

Wunder Wellbeing Webinars Spring 2022 For all IT professionals

Wellbeing most commonly is defined as the state of feeling healthy and happy. Short, clear, and not complex at all, right? But is it really so? Can you say proudly that your wellbeing is the best possible shape? If your answer is “yes” – we are truly happy for you and wish you to keep up the positive spirit. Still, many of us are struggling with sleeping, eating, constructive communication, getting enough physical exercise and being able to really relax. All these and the possible variety of negative emotions caused by the past couple of years have created a situation that can be burdening for many.

Considering the situation, we at Wunder decided to act now. Our Talent team came up with a wonderful initiative called “High five for wellbeing” to highlight the importance of mental and physical health among Wunderers. Each month from February to June, one important wellbeing topic (according to Hand of Mental Health) was brought into the spotlight.

A hand with five subjects of wellbeing explained

A  live webinar session from an experienced guest speaker was a significant part of this initiative. And here comes the best part – instead of keeping these significant learnings to ourselves, we decided to share them with all IT professionals. Wunder Wellbeing Webinar recordings (excluding the one on SLEEP) are available for everyone via sign-up.

Check the topics and speakers below and enjoy the content that interests you the most!

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Lauri Järvilehto on Relax - webinar

Relax – How to boost your creativity – and wellbeing

Our Wunder Wellbeing Webinar series will end with an inspiring webinar with serial entrepreneur and founder of Academy of Philosophy, Lauri Järvilehto. He will be speaking about the multiple ways and benefits of “unwinding.” As with all the other webinars, this one also aims to answer the needs and questions of especially those who are developing the digital. 

Read the detailed information on this webinar here.

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WWW Move

Move – Wonderful ways to upgrade your mind-body connection

Ex-snowboarder, World Cup winner in halfpipe, business and mindful self-compassion coach Aleksi Litovaara will share his knowledge on how to make the most of the sports – not from the competitive sports point of view but from the joy and mindfulness points of view. Also this fourth webinar is built to answer the common needs for especially IT professionals.

Read the detailed information on this webinar here.

Read the key takeaways of the webinar.

Webinar poster for SPEAK, Effective communication – key to success and wellbeing

Speak – Effective communication – the key to success and wellbeing

The third topic in the Wunder Wellbeing Webinars series is communication: why it is so important, how it affects our overall wellbeing and how to enhance one’s communications skills? Psychologist and coach specializing in interpersonal and emotional skills, Iida Mäkikallio will help not just Wunderers, but everyone working in the field of IT comprehend and utilize the power of communication.

Read the detailed information on this webinar here.

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Eat – Optimal eating for IT professionals

Medical Doctor, biohacker and head author of Biohacker’s Handbook and Biohacker’s Stress Manual, Olli Sovijärvi will cover the second topic, Nutrition & Eating in our Wunder Wellbeing Webinars. Many of us are aware of the basics of healthy eating, but Sovijärvi provides more information regarding the dietary special needs that IT professionals have.

Read the detailed information on this webinar here.

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Henri Tuomilehto as a speaker for Sleep & Recovery for IT professionals webinar

Sleep – Sleeping & Recovery for IT professionals

Medical and Sleep Doctor, adjunct professor, and the author of Sleep to Succeed, Henri Tuomilehto, will be our keynote speaker on the Wunder Wellbeing Webinar series. In his presentation and Q&A part of the webinar, he will be giving insights that are relevant, especially for those working in the IT field.

Read the detailed information on the webinar here.

Thank you to everyone who participated! Read the key takeaways from our senior developer, Mikael Kundert’s article here.