Wunder <3 Santeri

By Joonas Kiminki

Santeri Lindgren portrait

Some five years ago we managed to hire an odd character into Wunder. We knew this creature from the past as he was an active member of the Drupal community and had even been working on projects together with some of our people.

This being, Santeri by name, worked as a backend developer, an open-source contributor and an unofficial house pet. We grew very fond of him.

About 1,5 years after joining the company he asked whether he could work only 4 days a week and dedicate the spared time to a startup of his. As a company who wants to create opportunities for its people, Wunder, of course, said yes. A year later the expected happened: Santeri wanted to focus exclusively on his startup.

With warm wishes and heavy hearts, we let Santeri go. At the same, we made sure he always knew we’d keep a spot reserved for him – not a designated desk at the office (as nobody has one) but in our hearts.


We went on doing our business, hiring new people, expanding to uncharted territories.

We waited.

We believed.

We created a hashtag for his return.


In the 5+ years of our existence, one(1) developer has resigned. Wish him all the best at his startup, but still... #santerituutakas

Wunder Finland (@wunder_finland) February 5, 2015

In the summer of 2015, we made a promise: When he returns, we will celebrate by getting an outdoor advertisement with his fuzzy head on it. [Santeri is known as Pörrö, “the fuzzy one”, among friends due to his wild red hair]


In late 2016 the inevitable happened and Santeri was back. More than that, he came back as three Wunder family members. Santeri’s spouse Annina and their gentle giant dog Diego joined him to lift the spirits at the company and our clients.

Promises are made to be kept. Today we celebrate the return of Santeri and his second Wunder-adventure by putting his face on the most prominent jumbo screen as well as two dozen tram stop displays in Helsinki city centre. In addition, we wish his family farewell for two months as Santeri, Annina and Diego embark on an adventure road-tripping and remote working from Spain.

Welcome back Pörrö!

Fan of Santeri and a former CEO

#NeverGonnaGiveYouUpSanteri #SanteriIsBack #SanteriTuuTakas

Join us!

Santeri's face on Kamppi's big screen