Wunder being loud and proud at DrupalCamp Baltics -22

Drupal Community has always been very close and dear to Wunder, and this year we are doing our part to share the knowledge and good vibes in a live event on October 14, at Tallink Conference & Spa hotel in Tallin, Estonia.

DrupalCamp Baltics 2022

Wunder and Drupal have a loooooong history together, and Drupal still is at the very core of our business. Today, the digital solutions we develop often comes in a combination of some other tech and Drupal, but THE open source technology we have used and will use in the future is Drupal.

Since we have offices in Latvia, Estonia, and Finland, we are a quite well-known company for drupalists in Baltics and Finland. One reason for this is that we have always been active in the Drupal Community and now that the events are back we are thrilled to co-organize DrupalCamp Baltics 2022, which will take place on October 14, at Tallink Conference & Spa hotel in Tallin, Estonia.

DrupalCamp Baltics is not only getting together and having great times, but it’s also about knowledge sharing within the community. In DrupalCamp Baltics there are two simultaneous tracks: technical and business and Wunder will provide speakers for business tracks.

Our speakers and their topics for this year will be:

  • Janne Koponen, Head of Technology: Green Tech Thinking
  • Ragnar Kurm, Lead of the Tech Lead Guild: Dailies & Retros: risks, benefits, and efficiency
  • Tomi Mikola, Senior Developer: Case study: the City of Espoo built with headless Drupal 9 CMS, React, and GraphQL API
  • Ari Ruuska, System Architect and Psychological Safety Group Lead, and Akira Ahola, Head of Marketing and DEI Ambassador: Psychocigal Safety – key to an effective and happy team.

If you are willing to join us on DrupalCamp Baltics 2022, get your ticket and follow the event’s Facebook page.

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