Virtual LIVE Event: Kari Ketonen on Surprising tool for staying cool in pressured situations – Charisma

Wunder x Future Female x Mimmit kodaaa presents: Kari Ketonen on Charisma. Reserve your seat to an interesting, once-in-a-lifetime virtual live event with Kari Ketonen!

Kari Ketonen on charisma

Wunder together with Future Female and Mimmit koodaa offers you a once in a lifetime experience on Thursday the 19th of November at 5 pm when Kari Ketonen, a well-known actor and trained psychotherapist is talking about how to deal with pressured situations. 

What makes this a really unique event? Well, Kari Ketonen is premiering with this topic in a virtual yet interactive environment. This means putting himself in a slightly more pressured situation than usually and therefore offering us a unique opportunity to deep dive with him into this topic that is highly relevant at these times. 

Dialogue with the audience is an important part of this event – especially now that we are in the digital environment. Everyone joining the online event can ask questions via chat box during the presentation. Sending the questions in advance is not only possible but something we wish to happen.

You can ask whatever is on your mind when it comes to the Ketonen’s topics listed below.

Please send your questions to Kari by sending a private message to Wunder via any of Wunder’s social media accounts. Another way to send your questions is by adding a comment when signing up below.

All questions will be handled anonymously, if not requested to handle with the name.

Ketonen will be covering the following topics:

  • Recognizing your emotional and physiological states
  • Learning to avoid unnecessary stress
  • The role of breathing in all this

This is free of charge, but live only event, meaning there will be no recording to be delivered afterwards. The amount of seats is limited and you can reserve your place by submitting the below form. 

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