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Tip of the week by Scrum Master Oksan: Focus on communication!

It is not a secret that the project outcome is highly dependent on the people that work on it. And the better the collaboration within the project team, the more satisfying the end result. At Wunder, we tend to follow the best Scrum practices and are proud of our professional Scrum Masters. Therefore we decided it is time to bring them into the spotlight and invited them to share some of their tips and tricks. We open the Scrum Master Diaries series with our dear Delivery Manager Oksan Niemi.

Scrum Master Oksan

Hi, I’m Oksan, and I am a Delivery Manager at Wunder. I have been taking a Scrum Master’s (SM) role since the beginning of 2023, and I am enjoying it a lot. Especially because it is something quite new for me as I didn’t have a chance to apply my SM knowledge into practice earlier.

In my opinion, Scrum Master is the ultimate support for both the Scrum team and the Product Owner. If the team members consult and/or contact the SM, he/she has done the work well. At the same time, the Scrum Master does a good job when the team enjoys the work without worrying about any obstacles, as the SM is there to coach, assist and support in many different ways.

I find the starting of a new sprint really interesting, as there are new areas to develop; still, the ending of a sprint is even more exciting as I am happy to see what has been achieved. I also love demos and retros, as it is rewarding to see the achievements and get feedback from the whole team. Retros also have a significant impact on team-building and the following sprints.

For me, the hardest part of the Scrum Master’s role is making sure that everybody has the needed tools and especially space to do their job well.

I find Dailies as a very important part of the Scrum team’s work therefore it is significant to get the best result from them. For me, it is essential to understand the team members’ preferences and find the most suitable time for dailies, as everyone is not an early bird like myself.

"Focus on communication! Everything should be crystal clear and in written format, so no team member can accidentally miss something."

Oksan Niemi, Delivery Manager and Scrum Master at Wunder

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