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Anna Granvik
By Anna Granvik

People mingling at Integrify graduation party.

There’s an ongoing discussion about the high demand for developers. Few companies can afford to sit around and wait for developers to approach them, even if you are a Great Place to Work ® like Wunder is. We’ve responded to this challenge with different voluntary actions and are now proud to be part of Integrify’s mission to enable integration through technology.

Integrify offers an extensive training program in software development targeted at skilled immigrants in Finland. The program is very hands-on: in practice, the participants code 8 hours per day for six months. Following the in-class learning, the fresh developers have a lane straight into the Finnish job market, which in turn is in desperate need for their skills.

People toasting at Integrify's graduation party.

Integrify's graduation party.

Integrify approached us some months ago and we immediately liked their concept, which felt so right in so many ways and fits perfectly with our values. The cooperation with Integrify started with a discussion about our needs (two developers), followed by us receiving four CVs. As they were all great candidates, we decided to arrange team interviews with all four. Each candidate was enthusiastic, eager to learn and boosting with motivation and we would have liked to welcome them all. But because we’re also new to this and we wanted to make sure we’re able to offer the best possible support for the new talents, we decided to start with Niloo and Senad, Frontend and Full Stack Developers.

A few weeks later Niloo and Senad started working with us as full-time developers, working on projects and delivering value to our clients. What makes Integrify’s developers great for us? They are often career switchers with lots of valuable experience in other fields. They have applied to Integrify’s program knowing it’s hard work but that it’ll be rewarding in the end – and their motivation, drive and proactivity is very high.

Niloo and Senad at Integrify's graduation party

Talented Integrify's developer graduates, Niloo Motamed and Senad Maljici, joined Wunder as full-time developers.

It has been a very prolific month since I joined Wunder. I was assigned to a project and started learning and contributing almost from week one. I have a mentor, David, who is super awesome and so far I have learned a lot from him. I never feel lost or stuck while doing a task, I know I can always ask for help and guidance from David or my other colleagues

Niloo Motamed

Wunder is obviously home of skilled professionals, who are willing to share their knowledge and experience. I was surprised by how much I've learned so quickly. There are workshops on specific topics, for example, Drupal module development and how to use some other common or Wunder specific tools

Senad Maljici

Finding the right people is one of the highest priorities at Wunder. We’re looking for people who understand the value of lifelong learning. We strive for diversity to complement our international and multidisciplinary teams and we’re experiencing every day how diversity affects the sense of inclusiveness, which in turn strengthens our culture. And ultimately it’s our culture that allows us to deliver successful web projects to our clients.

Interested to join our open, diverse and equal community? Learn more about our culture and open positions.

Anna Granvik and Mikko Laine at Integrify's graduation party

Happy Wunderers, Talent Manager Anna Granvik and Country Manager Mikko Laine at Integrify's graduation party.