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SLEEP: Wunder Wellbeing Webinar for IT professionals on Feb 23rd – Speaker Henri Tuomilehto

Wunder Wellbeing Webinars are here – register now and ensure your seat at the webinar that is about the most crucial element in our wellbeing, sleep. This particular webinar is Live Only -event and there will not be a recording available afterwards. So make sure you will not miss one of the world's leading Sleep Doctor´s, Henri Tuomilehto's keynote that is specially tailored for IT professionals. Sign up now at the end of this page.

Wunder Wellbeing Webinar: Sleep invitation, speaker Henri Tuomilehto

You are warmly welcome to Wunder’s Wellbeing Webinars!

The first one on Sleep & Recovery is on Wednesday, the 23rd of February from 2 pm to 3 pm (GMT+2)

This spring Wunder is proud to share much-needed and highly relevant information on wellbeing for all the experts who work in the IT field. The last two years have taken their toll on how we all are coping with our daily tasks. Since we believe wellbeing is the foundation of excellence of a single person and the whole company, an internal initiative, High Five for Wellbeing, was born. Part of this wellbeing program is webinars with the best possible experts in their fields. These webinars are open for everyone because at Wunder we believe in sharing and caring.

“Sleep and recovery are the very fundamentals of our well-being and I see in my work as a sleep doctor, that the issues regarding sleep are common amongst the IT experts. Unfortunately it’s often so, that the persons seek help for their issues in very late state and that makes solving the problems more challenging. Therefore I see this webinar so beneficial – it enables us to provide information for all the persons, who wish to learn more about this topic, not only for them who are already having severe issues.” – Henri Tuomilehto

The work of IT professionals differs dramatically from the work that humankind has been busy with for the previous centuries. Instead of physical exhaustion and even a dangerous outdoor or factory work environment, the bigger issues are to do with our mental wellbeing. Those developing digital need to rack their brains for logical thinking, constant learning, innovating, constructive communication, and solving highly complex matters. And all this is often done in a safe, indoor environment, and accomplishing the tasks does not require remarkable physical effort. The pandemic times have not made this any better; quite the opposite. But do not worry our friend, help on this matter is just around the corner – just fill in the form below and join our webinar on Sleep & Recovery for IT professionals.

What will you learn in Tuomilehto’s webinar on the 23rd of February from 2 pm to 3 pm?

  • What is the role of sleep in your overall wellbeing?
  • The very latest findings of the research on this area (you might be surprised a little, at least we were when we first found out about them)
  • Principles and practices on changing work-life and sleep – special reference to IT work

This online, live-only event consists of 45 minutes keynote presentation and 15 minutes Q&A -session.

Thank you to everyone who participated! Read the key takeaways from our senior developer, Mikael Kundert’s article here.