Coming back home, #davidisback

Wunder flags

I’m originally from the South of Spain, but Finland feels like home to me. I “discovered” Finland in 2007 as an Erasmus student. Soon after finishing my CS degree in Málaga, Spain, my web developer career started in Helsinki.

The quality of life that Finland offers shocked me. Maybe the weather is not the best, but the trust and honesty of Finnish people feel like home.

Then, later on, about 3 years ago, I left Wunder for a trip with my partner Päivi, in the search of big city life in London, full of opportunities and to get out of the comfort zone.

These 3 years have been very rewarding professionally, working in different companies and getting experience as a contractor. London didn’t disappoint us. It’s a city ready to amuse you, to explore and get inspired by its history. But it is also a city of inequality and overpopulation with an exhausting rhythm of life. Slowly an overwhelming feeling started to creep in.

After some time, we realised that London is not our home. There was nothing attaching us to London, except good job positions, and we started to miss the Nordic lifestyle.

Wunder immediately had their arms open, welcoming not only me but also my partner Päivi Kaunisto as a Project Delivery Manager. So we were delighted to join Wunder, and the transition has been very smooth. Mikko and Emma understood our needs and skills and gave us an excellent onboarding. It felt like home again from day one.

Wunderers having a toast for David

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.


Work colleagues welcomed us warmly, and we had a #davidisback event in the nearby park, to officially celebrate our return with bubbles, premium hot dogs and balloons.

Listening to the toast from Mikko and Emma gave me warm fuzzies, and I realized we did the right thing coming back to Wunder.

Wunder is now a bit different than the Wunder I left. It’s bigger, more organised and roles are more defined. Talented Juniors I met when I left are now experts in the field. I’m happy to see that Wunder cares for diversity, participating in programs like #mimmitkoodaa and Integrify.

The atmosphere is the same. Good job perks, a quiet office to focus on work and the flexibility for employees to choose where to work from. Working remotely is not an exception, it’s almost a norm.

Great Place to Work awards are piling up, and Wunder feels stronger and more successful than ever.

Mikko Laine hugging David Corbacho