Co-founder of Drupal Association Finland, Kari joined Wunder: “I can now concentrate on what I love”

The latest new Wunderer is Kari Kääriäinen. He has one of the longest careers in Finland when it comes to contributing to Drupal development. Here Kari tells what made him leave the world of freelancing and why he chose Wunder out of all the potential employers.

Kari: I joined Wunder!

What inspired you to change your career and join Wunder?

I got a taste of teamwork when I was working as an internal consultant for the A-Clinic Foundation last year. I enjoyed that a lot. Before, I, of course, had my clients and some occasional co-workers, but that was different. I felt I was a little stuck with freelancing. Then, after the project with A-Clinic was over, I really wanted to become a part of a team instead of just working alone.

As a freelancer, you have to do everything yourself – marketing, sales, accounting. It’s not like I don’t like that part of the work, it is a great feeling when you close a sale, but it divides your time into so many pieces. It can be distracting. Worrying about money, clients and targets kept me away from the thing I really love to do – building web services.

I now have time for the actual work; it has already liberated my mind. It makes me feel very relaxed, and I have permission to do what I need to do. It is a huge change.


With so many options for consultancy companies, why did you choose Wunder?

My history with Wunder is surprisingly long. I knew Wunder before it was Wunder!

(Editor’s note: During the past 10+ years of Wunder’s history, we have been Wunderkraut, and before that, we were Mearra).

Back in 2009, along with Vesa Palmu, Santeri Lindgren and Joonas Kiminki (all three that time Wunderers), we established the Drupal Association Finland. I’ve seen Wunder at Drupal camps, in the promo materials, the website, and the clients’ sites, and I’ve been impressed by the high quality, for instance, the work on accessibility. And I was interested in seeing how Wunder works with big clients compared to my small clients.


Since you are a developer with many years of Drupal experience, how do you see the future of Drupal?

From my perspective, it looks that especially enterprise-level organisations are seeing tremendous potential in Drupal. The bigger the company and the more complex solutions they need, the more tempting Drupal becomes.

And now that I work for Wunder, I no longer need to build the complete systems all by myself. That also means I can be involved in the bigger scale projects and partnerships Wunder has with these enterprise-level organisations. I find this beneficial for my professional skills since I most probably will be able to deepen and widen my developer skill set.


And finally, what are your greetings for those developers considering joining Wunder?

Now, I am closer to people, my co-workers. Here at Wunder, I have more resources. Everything is well-integrated, like Slack, email and other apps. I am happy about my choice and recommend other freelancers, (and why not all the other Drupal developers) to join Wunder as well.

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