Our focus on the importance of consultancy and project management is what makes us different from other web agencies.

Our vital tool is the Agile methodology, and specifically the Scrum framework. We implement it faithfully, and all of our team members are used to working within it.

What Agile project management involves

Focusing on what delivers value for the client, and for their customer in turn

We concentrate on what you and your customers need from the project. We don't get carried away playing with cool technology or things we want.

Working in short iterations

We break big projects down into phases or 'releases', then break those down into two or three week 'sprints'. Having smaller parcels of work reduces risk, and keeps everybody focused on what needs to be achieved in that time.

Planning at the last responsible moment

Some details in complex projects are unknown at the start and become clearer with progress. We plan just before each sprint, so we're always working with the best possible information. Planning everything at the start feels reassuring - in reality it leads to higher costs and resistance to change.

Delivering demonstrating real value in every iteration

At the end of each sprint,  we take your team through a review of the work we've done and a demonstration of what we've achieved.

Accepting change as normal and appreciating it means we're nearer delivering the best value

You'll find things out or come up with ideas that will require changes to the original plan. Because we plan just before each sprint of work, it's easy for us to incorporate your changing requirements while controlling timescales and budgets.

Working with complete transparency and openness

You and your team will be able to see all of our project documentation, attend all of our project meetings, access the code we're working on and much more. This will ensure we all work well together and reassure you we're aiming for the same things.

These are just the basics of Agile. We're always happy to talk you through the details of the method and how it can benefit you and your project.

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