Our people are the heart and soul of everything we do.

So naturally we want to make their work life the best possible. What better way to spread positivity than to acknowledge a good deed with a hug?

Not just any hug, but a Wunderhug that brings positive feedback to the person hugged and also makes their paycheck bigger! We have created our very own hug system to recognise and reward those who go above and beyond to help others in everyday Wunder life.

Everyone at Wunder has five hugs to give weekly for whatever reason. With each hug, they write a positive comment which is anonymously delivered to the recipient. Helping others, giving advice and support, doing your job well and otherwise being “huggable” is even better when your actions are noted!

Wunderhugs is genuinely the best feedback system we’ve seen. The system obeys no rank or organisation chart, but really gives recognition for actions worth hugging. When given the chance, people say the most amazing things to each other that are otherwise said way too rarely.

We also love our Wunderhugs so much that we are helping our customers and partners to also adopt the idea.

Read more how hugging makes company culture better from our blog.

Here are some comments heard at the office about Wunderhugs:

”They make me personally respect the work I do more and believe in myself more"

“Hugs make you hide your inner asshole.”

“It's a game-changing method for giving feedback in a new, truly personal way. Plus, you’ll get money.”

“Improves team dynamics and appreciation of others’ efforts. This boosts productivity”

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889 hugs every month!

Here's some real Wunderhugs given to our colleagues:

“Amazing work with the project. I have never seen that kind of progress during project start”

“Hugs for having to sit in the meetings while you'd much rather be coding”

“Good ideas, and really nice "idea- selling" as well!”

“Thank you for being proactive about integrating new tech leads into internal processes!”

“I love you man, I think I've never seen so professional dude with that attitude AND knowledge. All the hats off!”

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We are always on the lookout for new talent. Do the work you’ll be proud of and learn from others around you in a happy working environment.

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